Glem fordommene: 9 plus size-personer, der ELSKER at bevæge sig

20. juni 2019
af Christina Forsberg
foto: Shutterstock og Instagram
Du kan godt tro om, hvis du automatisk tænker, at tykke mennesker da må være dovne og usunde? Disse 9 plus size-personer bevæger sig langt mere end gennemsnittet. Er du klar på en januar-udfordring?

Plus size-kroppe er magiske. Ja, du læste rigtigt. Kroppen i sig selv er fantastisk, men det er vildt, hvad plus size-kroppen kan. Den kan splintre fordomme. Den kan være sund. Og den kan være aktiv og gøre utrolige ting.

Selvom ord som tyk og overvægtig ofte bliver associeret med at være usund, langsom og doven, er der plus size-folk derude, der udfordrer disse holdninger og viser, at du ikke kan diagnosticere en persons sundhed eller komme med antagelser om deres fysiske aktivitetsniveau blot ved at kigge på størrelsen af deres krop.

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Desuden er det også en påmindelse om, at folks sundhed (uanset størrelse) er deres egen sag – og noget mellem dem og deres læge.

Plus Model Magazine har udvalgt flere inspirerende kvinder og mænd i bevægelse, der inspirerer os til at være aktive og komme i gang med at leve det bedste liv for os – nu og ikke først når vi har tabt 10 kg.

Se blot disse seje og aktive mennesker her og følg dem for inspiration:

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Fourth @nycmarathon in the books. This is the first time that I was able to wait for loved ones to watch their initial reactions of accomplishing something incredible. My dearest #bff @antidiva84 is a first time marathoner. She had to dig deep to pull through. My podcast partner in crime, @300poundsandrunning is back on the scene after recovering from 2 car accidents that took him out the game for so long. This was his first NYC marathon course. He watched over my bestie - literally pushing her - to the finish. To watch them experience that type of joy is beyond incredible. The race staff allowed me the opportunity to hand them their medals. That was my ultimate high for the night. It made pushing through the five boroughs ridiculously worth it. Thank you to NYC Marathon for practicing inclusion. Even when the signs were being pulled down and traffic opened back up, they allowed us to go on the sidewalks and at times, blocked off lanes in the streets for us to continue our race -- and they kept around the hydration stations. This was a win for all of us and NYC showed other places that this is possible. I'll see you next year NYC. Next stop: @spartan Ultra Beast in South Carolina... I'm nervous about that one. A 30 mile obstacle course race in less than 2 weeks. Keep me elevated on this journey. #runningfatchef #fatrunner #skirtsports #womenwhomove #swiftwick #chaseadventure #hokaoneone #timetofly #skratchlabsambassador #womenwhofly #nycmarathon #backofthepack #slowaf #marathoner #ultrarunner #representationmatters #inclusion #plussizeathlete #effyourbeautystandards #liveadventurously

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I maybe big, slow, and fat but I’m a runner as well.

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This post may ruffle some feathers...and I’m ok with that. Part of the Body Positive movement that many (particularly plus) fitness/wellness influencers are trying to showcase is that taking care of your body can be a huge part of body positivity. Saying “I love my body so much that I’m going to start taking care of it.” And that can mean so many things like not eating ice cream if you’re lactose intolerant, sleeping more because your body is stressed, or losing weight because it will make your arthritis in your knees hurt less. This is why I started CrossFit, this is why I chose to stop eating dairy, this is why I aim to practice mindfulness more, this is why I would like to lose some weight. But talking about weight loss can be so controversial in the Fat Positive space!! Do I love my body- yes. So much so that I want to make it better, faster, stronger, healthier. And you can’t do that without appreciating what you have now. I’ve heard so many stories of women who’ve lost weight and the feeling of inadequacy doesn’t go away. You can’t start a fitness or wellness journey without starting a body positive journey as well. Do NOT beat yourself up for not losing weight that week, rather hug yourself for being able to live and have life, love, and persistence to want more. And on the flip side do NOT say to someone “IDGAF about your diet Susan” because negativity will affect YOUR body. Love always wins- ALWAYS! Let’s learn to support and love our bodies more. Let’s learn to congratulate each other on the small wins of health improvements. I say this all to say that I’m starting a month long clean eating challenge with my CrossFit gym ( shoutout @oculus_crossfit ) and I’m going to be posting on my stories and feed. Because sometimes we need a reboot of our system...and shoot I wanna be able to enjoy the holidays! So whether you are Fat Positive, Body Positive, or just here to troll me, I hope you see these posts with love and positivity. #GorditaWithGains ? @amandasavinon

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